ROVI's strategy to maintain its market position and grow its business is summarized as follows:

  • Active search for strategic opportunities to market third-party products (license in) for Spain and Portugal, either exclusively or through a co-marketing, co-branding or co-promotion arrangement.
  • Formalization of agreements to grant marketing rights for in-house molecules (license out) outside Spain.
  • Marketing of new therapeutic indications developed for the current portfolio products, formulation of new products and development of extended release methods to improve efficacy and safety profiles of injectable compounds.
  • Establishment of collaboration agreements in R&D projects with companies and/or universities (co-development).
  • Strategic actions to continue our growth story:
  • Current pipeline: Besides the research on the glycomics field, ROVI is currently focused in extended release of injectable compounds through its ISM (In Situ Microparticles) Platform.