Physical exercise helps to maintain and build up bone mass, an important factor in the prevention of osteoporosis, at the same time as it increases muscle strength, co-ordination and balance.

1.- Standing beside a wall with your knees slightly bent, press with your hands while keeping your back straight.

2.- With your back against the wall and your feet slightly separated from it, push your body back against the wall stretch up as high as possible, raising first one arm while keeping your back straight and your knees slightly bent. Repeat with the other arm..

3.- Using the back of a chair for support, bend your knees a little, keeping your back straight. Move up and down slowly.

4.- With your arms stretched out sideways at shoulder height, jerk them backwards three times in a row. Repeat the exercise with your arms at 45° and straight up and down.

5.- With your hands on the back of your neck, breathe in deeply while gently pushing your elbows backwards. Breathe out while they come forward again to the starting position.

6.- With one arm stretched out in front of you and other behind, swing them backwards and forwards simultaneously in opposite directions, without twisting your back.

7.- Stretching a rearward arm and press on the ground plane. Do it with the other alternately.

8.- Stretch one arm out backwards and press down on the floor. Do the same with the other arm, alternately.