What do we do?

ROVI is a Spanish pharmaceutical company devoted to RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, MANUFACTURE AND MARKETING of small molecules and biological medical specialities.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: For ROVI For ROVI, our R&D activities form one of the cornerstones of our operations and the driving force for future growth. Our R&D strategy focuses on responding to medical needs not currently dealt with, through the extension of the applications of our existing products based on Low Molecular Weight Heparin and the application of our extended release injectable technology.

MANUFACTURING: ROVI currently has a manufacturing plant, in Granada, devoted to the production of Bemiparin.

Furthermore, ROVI has a manufacturing plant in Madrid for injectables and suppositories, where we produce the injectable products using preloaded syringes or vials as the primary packaging. ROVI has taken advantage of our experience in this field and is currently rendering contractual services for high added-value packaging for international pharmaceutical companies. ROVI is one of the main manufacturers in Europe in terms of the number of units manufactured a year. After the strategic pharmaceutical agreement reached with Merck Sharp & Dhome (MSD) in July 2009 and implemented on 31 March 2010, ROVI has a manufacturing plant for pharmaceutical products in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) which incorporates state of the art technology - Roller Compaction - for manufacturing oral formulations.

MARKETING: ROVI's portfolio of in-house production currently revolves around Bemiparin, our second-generation Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH) developed internally. In addition, the ROVI Group also markets other products including Fibrilin, Calcio y Vitamina D3 ROVI, Glufan, Ameride, Tryptizol or Prinivil as well as also third-party products.

ROVI also uses its sales channels for the marketing in Spain of several pharmaceutical products under license granted in our favour by third parties and intended for the treatment of specific conditions including osteoporosis, joint and muscle pain, stable angina, hypercholesterolaemia, respiratory difficulties and depression. ROVI also markets imaging contrast agents and other products for hospital use, and over-the-counter specialities. In Spain, ROVI markets a portfolio of products, both our own and from third parties, through a specialized sales team comprising over 260 people who promote the products to medical specialists in both hospitals and pharmaceutical outlets.

This entire portfolio of ROVI products is marketed in Spain and, to a lesser extent, in Portugal. The Company has also signed marketing agreements with leading pharmaceutical companies in other countries for the sale and distribution of Bemiparin products in their local markets. Bemiparin is curerntly present in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Our Human Team

The human team at ROVI, from our manufacturing area to our sales network, requires a high level of specialization and experience. At ROVI we have a team specializing in internal training and focusing on professional development. Our R&D division contains highly qualified and well-trained personnel with a high degree of experience in their respective research fields.

The group's current staffing levels exceed 1.000 individuals, distributed over the administrative, commercial, manufacturing and research areas.

We are looking for committed and responsible professionals interesting in learning and team working.

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