This site has been designed for residents in Spain and its contents have been arranged in order to comply with the regulations and legislation in force.

We understand and respect that your privacy is important to you. We use and share the personal information you provide us with on-line in the ways indicated below. We protect the details you provide on-line to prevent them being used and shared for any other purpose.

ROVI offers on-line resources designed to provide health-care and medical information and other information in connection with products and services as well as corporate, financial and employment news. Respect for the privacy of your personal details is very important for us. ROVIs web site pages displaying this privacy policy are intended to collect, maintain and guard your personal information in accordance with this policy, as well as with any applicable laws, rules and regulations.

This policy applies to the personal information you provide through the on-line resources and communications systems of ROVI (such as web sites, e-mail, and other tools). This policy does not apply to any personal details obtained off-line except when these details are later consolidated with personal details collated by ROVI on-line. This policy does not apply either to third-party on-line resources accessible through the ROVI web site as ROVI does not and cannot control the content or privacy-related practices of these third parties.

With respect to the personal details you may provides us with through forms or similar means, ROVI hereby informs you that this information will be added to an automated personal data file in line with this "privacy policy". The said file is the responsibility of ROVI at the address indicated below. ROVI undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of the data contained on the said file in accordance with the applicable legislation. Furthermore, you will be able to exercise your rights to access, correct and, where appropriate, cancel the said data in accordance with the provisions in force in the regulations on Personal Data Protection.

Please read this privacy policy carefully. Should you have any question about this policy or our data collection practices and how we use or disclose your data, please contact us at the address given below that is most appropriate for you.


ROVI collects personal information on-line through the ROVI web sites.


ROVI recoge la información personal online a través de los sitios Web de ROVI o de mensajes de correo electrónico.

ROVI may also offer on-line activities in collaboration with other providers (data processor), from which ROVI might obtain personal information about the users of these other resources. Such on-line collaborations are governed by contracts requiring the proper collection and safe-keeping of personal information by the data processor. Users may access parts of our web sites without revealing any personal information.

ROVI uses two ways to collect personal information on-line:

1. Information you provide

ROVI collects personal details and other information you may add to forms or data fields on our web sites. This information may include, but is not limited to, contact details (such as your name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, professional qualifications, hobbies and interests). Some ROVI web sites may also collect health-related information provided by you when answering our questions and surveys.

2. Information obtained from your computer or other electronic devices

Some of our web sites an other on-line resources use tracking technologies such as cookies that provide additional functional information enabling you to use these resources more efficiently. ROVI uses these tracking technologies in ways that do not identify you personally but only allow accurate reflection of the number of users or sites referring to our on-line sites or resources or to "recognize" you if you have identified yourself as a health-care professional or as a resident of a particular country.

In certain cases, ROVI may use tracking technologies for personal identification purposes, but only after you have indicated your personal details on a form or data field on our web site, or after we have registered you as a user of on-line resources to provide you with a user ID and access password based on the information validated through on-line interactions with you.

We may use tracking technologies to remember your personal preferences and choices, such as personal details you included on the data fields of our web sites, answers you may have provided in our surveys or other sections of our web sites that you visit often. You can choose whether or not you want ROVI to make use of tracking technologies to remember you and/or provide you with additional customized services. If you want to limit the data collected by means of tracking technologies, please refer to the choices available below.

ROVI also processes (collects) information for statistical purposes without any connection with your personal details and only as aggregate monitoring data such as the total visits to the web site, the number of visitors to each page on the web, and the names of the originating domains of the visitors Internet service providers. This information, which is stored in an aggregate form, is used to understand better how the web site is used by visitors and thus be able to improve it.


Your personal information will only be used by ROVI and the individuals or organizations working on our behalf in accordance with this policy, other applicable privacy indications and as explicitly allowed or legally required by the applicable legislation, rules and regulations.

In those cases where your personal details are notified to others by ROVI; the use and disclosure of personal information by external organizations or people acting on behalf of ROVI are governed by contracts requiring adequate protection of personal data.


ROVI will take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information when it is transmitted from your computer to our servers and on-line resources, as well as to safeguard any stored personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. It is your personal responsibility to safeguard your own copies of the access codes and passwords providing access to our on-line resources.


If you have any questions about the present privacy policy or how ROVI collects, uses or discloses information, you can contact us at:

Laboratorios Farmacéuticos ROVI, SA
Calle José Isbert, 2 - 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)
Tel: 91 021 30 00
CIF: A-28041283

When you contact us, please indicate the name of the web site or on-line resource on which you provided the information as well as the nature of the details you provided. We will strive to answer promptly any questions, requests or queries you may have regarding our use of your personal data.