Pillars of growth


Heavy bet for R&D
as a future
growth engine

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Heavy bet on R&D
as a future
growth engine

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Biosimilar de Enoxaparina


A great growth opportunity for ROVI in a market that totals more than 1,000 million euros in Europe.

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Especialidades farmacéuticas

Pharmaceutical products

Diversified portfolio of innovative own and licensed products protected by patents.

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Low Molecular Weight Heparin

ROVI's principal product, a low-molecular-weight heparin developed in-house.

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Fabricación a terceros

Contract manufacturing

High production capacity with four manufacturing plants for prefilled syringes and oral solid forms.

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Rovi en cifras

Rovi in figures


Net profit of the business without R&D in 2018


2018 LMWHglobal sales

56 countries

Bemiparim international presence  with 22 international partners

6 plants

for manufacturing own and third-party products in Spain

€32,4 Mn

of investment in R&D in 2018 Commitment to innovation

7 countries

Direct presence through subsidiaries  to market Enoxaparin

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ROVI announces the construction of a second heparin plant in Granada

The new plant will manufacture the active substances for low-molecular-weight heparins



First half 2019 results presentation

Operating income, growth figures, profitability and how our products have behaved

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