Total revenue in 2016 was 266.7 million euros.
ROVI’s success is based on constant R&D&i effort. ROVI is a company committed to research. Over the last three years, ROVI has invested more than 45 million euros.
The Company’s main strengths are: (i) a very new product portfolio, following the launch of six new products in the last two years; (ii) a benchmark product, Bemiparin, with good sales prospects, both in Spain and elsewhere; (iii) a contract manufacturing business with high value-added; and (iv) a sound, low-risk R&D division, with projects in very advanced phases that will be the Company’s future growth engine.
ROVI has four production centres: one in Granada, for the manufacture of Bemiparin, and three in Madrid for contract manufacturing, two for filling and packaging prefilled syringes and one for manufacturing oral forms. Additionally, ROVI has three R&D centres, two in Madrid and one in Granada, with areas of design and synthesis, physical and chemical analysis, and pharmaceutical development.
ROVI’s R&D projects are focused towards the glycomics and ISM® platforms, the latter of which is ROVI’s proprietary drug-release system and has the objective of improving patient adherence to treatment. The most advanced study is that of Risperidone-ISM®, a second-generation antipsychotic medicine. In the glycomics area, which forms part of the Company’s origins, ROVI has devoted considerable effort and investment to developing new heparin derivative-based antithrombotic products. In this respect, in March 2017, ROVI successfully completed the decentralized procedure to apply for authorization to market a low-molecular-weight heparin in twenty-six European Union countries.
In 2001, ROVI obtained approval for the marketing of Bemiparin (Hibor®), an innovative second-generation low-molecular-weight heparin, in the leading European markets. Since then, due to ROVI’s dedication and its strategy of betting on international trade, Bemiparin has expanded its presence to more than 55 countries, as a result of strategic alliances with international partners. Moreover, we manufacture for customers and, in this way, we export to more than 50 countries, including markets like the USA, Japan and the European Union.
Hibor, ROVI’s second-generation heparin, is the main product in terms of billing. Sales rose by 6% in 2016, totalling 79.7 million euros.
ROVI’s pillars of growth are the pharmaceutical product area, the contract manufacturing area and the R&D area, which is the engine for the Company’s future development. All these areas are focused globally.
ROVI markets prescriptions pharmaceuticals through nine franchises: cardiovascular, osteoarticular, pain relief, central nervous system, respiratory, urology, endocrinology, primary healthcare and diagnostic imaging contrast agents. ROVI also markets non-prescription pharmaceuticals.
ROVI is a fully-integrated Spanish pharmaceutical company engaged in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical products. The Company has a diversified portfolio of 30 products, which it markets in Spain and Portugal through a specialized sales team. ROVI’s product portfolio in the research and development phase concentrates mainly on the development of new ISMTM technology-based controlled release systems and on the glycomics area, with the development of heparin-derived components. ROVI likewise offers a wide range of contract manufacturing services, principally in the areas of prefilled syringes and oral forms.
At 31 December, 2016, the ROVI Group had 1,150 employees, 5% more than at the end of the preceding year, in spite of the current economic environment in Spain, thus showing ROVI’s commitment to job creation.
Effectively, in addition to our R&D personnel, we cooperate closely with researchers at a number of universities and research institutes. We also have various scholarship programmes for students and recent graduates in cooperation with several Spanish universities.