Our profile and our experience in the Spanish market position us as an attractive
licensee for the successful marketing of new products

Why us?

  • We are in one of the leading positions in the Spanish pharmaceutical company ranking
  • We are 100% R&D-oriented
  • We have an extensive track record in the marketing of ethical and hospital products
  • Our product portfolio comprises exclusively innovative products
  • We have direct presence in Spain and Portugal (more than 250 representatives)
  • Extensive experience in launching both our own and other companies’ new products
  • Our sales network is specialized
  • We have an excellent image in medical and pharmaceutical circles
  • And, finally, because we are veterans in relations with the health authorities in respect of national regulatory phases, pricing and product reimbursement

What are we seeking?

We concentrate our activity principally on nine therapeutic areas:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Osteoarticular
  • Respiratory
  • Urology
  • Anesthesia/Pain relief
  • Central nervous system
  • Endocrinology
  • Primary healthcare
  • Diagnostic imaging contrast agents
  • We also have an OTC line

Strategic Alliances

As a group, we have a lengthy track record in strategic agreements, backed by our experience and our co-operation with both biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies and public research centres

Our Agreements











OUT Licensing

We are working to grant licenses to other companies, with main purpose of maximizing the commercial potential of our internal R&D. At present, we have three licenses on offer for our products Bemiparin, Fibrilín®, Condroitín, Enoxaparin and Sodium Heparin.



Our international molecule

One of our success stories is the internationalization of Bemiparin (low-molecular-weight heparin). As a result of the strategic agreements reached with licensee companies, we are present in more than 55 countries outside Spain.

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For more information on bemiparin, see


Our biosimilar with a high growth potential

ROVI’s history has been linked to heparins since we began, so this enoxaparin biosimilar is a logical evolution of our activity.

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Sulphate 400mg ROVI

Chondroprotector indicated for knee arthrosis.

We are also working to find new partners, so that this license can reach more people.



Our Class III health product with EC marking

We are working actively to internationalize Fibrilín®, our Class III health product with CE marking, for hospital use in locking catheters.