Ethics, compliance and transparency

Ethics channel

The ROVI Group holds a clear
commitment to regulatory compliance, ethical behaviour and transparency.


In line with this commitment, ROVI has implemented an internal reporting system (Ethics Channel) to receive and manage information in relation to irregularities of any nature, including, in particular, actions or omissions that constitute a breach of external and/or internal regulations, especially, in the latter case, of the Code of Ethics.

The Ethics Channel is a communication tool that allows us to improve as an organisation, facilitates smooth and efficient communication with the bodies responsible for safeguarding compliance, and ensures confidentiality and non-retaliation.

ROVI has outsourced the management of its Ethics Channel to PwC, the External Ethics Channel Manager, in order to guarantee (i) the confidentiality of the entire process, including the identity of the whistleblowers; and (ii) independence and objectivity in the management of all the communications.

Help us improve!


When you have reasonable suspicion of an irregularity: report it.


Give us all the information you have. It will help us in the investigations.


All communications are confidential.

For further information on the Ethics Channel:

Policy on the internal information system and whistleblower protection (Ethics Channel)

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