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ROVI joins BioSim to strengthen initiatives that promote greater access to and knowledge about biosimilar medicines.
3 min
21 Mar, 2023
ROVI reports operating revenue growth of 26% and EBITDA growth of 37%
3 min
21 Feb, 2023
ROVI has now filed the final responses to the Complete Response Letter received from the United States Food and Drug...
2 min
16 Feb, 2023
The Minister, Alexandru Rafila, was accompanied by the Director of Cabinet of the Romanian Ministry of Health and the...
2 min
06 Feb, 2023
The LAI Challenge seeks innovative solutions in the field of sustained-release injectable drug delivery technologies...
3 min
24 Nov, 2022
ROVI updates its strategy in a meeting with shareholders, investors and analysts
1 min
23 Nov, 2022
ROVI reports operating revenue growth of 24% and EBITDA growth of 25%
3 min
04 Nov, 2022
This new facility will double the production capacity of low molecular weight heparins.
4 min
24 Oct, 2022
ROVI, Càrniques Celrà and Grupo Costa announce the construction of a facility at the Industrial Logistics Platform in...
3 min
04 Oct, 2022