ROVI and equality as a commitment of Good Government

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, ROVI Laboratories is committed to contributing to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Number 5 on Gender Equality.

Gender equality is about ensuring equal rights and employment opportunities for all. Equality is, precisely, one of the basic principles regarding Good Governance of the company.

ROVI has for years had a stable and solid equality policy implemented in all lines of business, based on equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion in all countries where it is present. This strong commitment to equality is reflected in four mechanisms that ROVI has put in place to ensure compliance.

  • Equality Plan and Joint Monitoring Committee: new Equality Plan (2022-2026) in accordance with Royal Decree 901/2020. For its part, the Joint Monitoring Committee is responsible for ensuring that the objectives of the Equality Plan are met and that the agreed measures are carried out, with the necessary deadlines and resources.
  • Protocol for the Prevention and Treatment of Cases of Moral and Sexual Harassment: it is a protocol of mandatory knowledge and respect for all workers. ROVI does not tolerate harassment and rejects any form of violence, physical, sexual, psychological, moral harassment or abuse of authority at work that generates an intimidating or offensive environment for the rights of employees.
  • Code of Ethics: a document where respect for equality and gender non-discrimination materializes.
  • Ethical Channel: is a mechanism implemented by the company for the management and processing of complaints and notifications received. The objective of this channel is to provide a rigorous, effective and diligent response in accordance with ROVI's values.

Our new Equality Plan continues the path of improving equality between women and men in ROVI and has the following objectives: to carry out a transversal analysis from a gender perspective; to identify possible incidents in the management of human resources that can generate inequality; to build an objective base to be able to implement measures aimed at improving parity within the company, among others.

With the support of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), ROVI has carried out a 2022 remuneration audit, carrying out an assessment of the positions to detect any wage gap and, where appropriate, take measures and monitor wage developments and avoid any wage inequality. The external audit has determined that ROVI's workforce is balanced in line with the pharmaceutical sector. Moreover, at the global level, there are no major differences to the detriment of women.

As for the figures, the composition of the Board of Directors of the company has 42.85% women, five points above the average of the companies present in the Ibex 35, which reaches 37%. This percentage follows the recommendations of Good Corporate Governance of the National Markets and Securities Commission (CNMV). Currently, the Board of Directors of ROVI consists of 3 women and 4 men.

In turn, our Management Committee had at the end of 2022 a 25% female presence out of a total of 12 members, again, 5 points above the average of the rest of the Ibex35 companies (20.1%); while 31% of the management positions are occupied by women.

Beyond management and management positions, at ROVI we promote a comprehensive policy of gender equality and opportunities for the entire team, avoiding any type of discrimination in salary, training or promotion among others. In the company as a whole, 53% are women, with a total of 917 women and 834 men.

Through these equality policies, ROVI reaffirms its social commitment to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of all its employees and focus its efforts on reducing the minimum differences that can be detected in terms of gender equity, as well as guaranteeing equal opportunities.