Health and Safety at the heart of our operations

Minimizing occupational risks in ROVI Pharmaceutical Laboratories facilities and promoting healthy behaviours in the workplace is one of the great commitments acquired by the group to ensure the Health and Safety of its staff.

Thanks to our Risk Control and Management Policy, ROVI has implemented a corporate procedure that allows it to identify a series of risks linked to industrial activity in health and safety such as contact and exposure to chemicals or exposure to noise and overexertion, among others.

The company carries out an active management of occupational risks. We have our Integrated Environmental Management and Occupational Risk Prevention Policy, which includes the principles for the protection of life, integrity and health of workers, both our own and contractors.

Through a series of mechanisms, in 2022 we have met the objectives established specifically in the different plants of the Group:

  1. Increase by 50% the staff trained in first aid of the Emergency Plan in San Sebastian de los Reyes and Alcala de Henares.
  2. Implement an automatic system for solo work in San Sebastian de los Reyes and Julian Camarillo.
  3. Reduce false PCI (Fire Prevention) alarms by installing a new switchboard/software in San Sebastian de los Reyes.
  4. Improve the evaluation of the drills in Julian Camarillo in the following aspects: staff training and the adequacy of the means and resources assigned.
  5. Identify ergonomic improvements in manufacturing tasks in Alkali de Henares.

Likewise, in ROVI we have the ISO 45001:2015 Certification in all our industrial plants being this international standard that guarantees the occupational risk prevention systems.

At the same time, we promote training plans that are reviewed and updated on an annual basis. During 2022, a total of 56,885 hours of training have been given, mainly in specific risk prevention courses per post and courses related to actions in case of emergency.

The holding of safety and health committees where 57% of employees are represented is another mechanism that we have put in place to have a real monitoring of the possible risks faced by our workers.

On the other hand, we have specific procedures for the control and monitoring of work permits, safety inspections or the identification and application of legal requirements, among others.

Thanks to all these efforts, our company has low levels of accidents and absenteeism, with a total of 3.41% of absenteeism in our company compared to 4.68% in companies in the sector.

Despite the good results, ROVI continues to work on identifying the main causes of accidents and absenteeism among workers, in order to promote concrete measures to improve these data.